Mozambique, 1974.

In 1998, Jorge Pereira completed the Superior Course of Sculpture at ARCA, in Coimbra.

He worked and developed scenic projects for Theater and Dance, from 2003 to 2007 he collaborated with Amalgama Dance Company, as an audiovisual artist and graphic designer.

He illustrated Malaquias a book for children authored by Cristina Taquelim (2007).

He participated in individual and collective exhibitions, in different artistic fields such as installation, painting, ceramics and photography.

Allmnésia, installation with Tiago Cutileiro, inserted in Allgarve (2008); Maria Benta - Estate of a Fadista (2008);

AL NE - 100 images of doors in 10 localities of the North Alentejo (2005); Biennial of Porto Santo (2007);

MALA - Artists Exhibition of Lagos (2007, 2009, 2011, 2016);

Reidentidades (2009);

Pinhole, Lagos by Pinhole (2010).

He is a resident artist in LAC - Laboratory of creative activities since 2006, being responsible for the graphic image and spatial management. In LAC he curated dozens of exhibitions, such as ARTURb (2011-2017), Kick in the eye (2013 - 2014), "All in one (2016), some with international partnerships such as ROOTS (Maputo, Mozambique 2013-2014) and Streetart group exhibition - Love all colors at the Original Dampkring Gallery in Amsterdam (2016).

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